s’il vous play

A dreamy project involving a historic firehouse and the plans for a neighborhood gem. The building had many tenants in the past, housing everything from a brewery to a pharmacy. The new shop owners envisioned a magical space for families to come make memories and acquire meaningful, eco-friendly, and long lasting toys. When we approached this space we could see the architecture and charm that felt straight out of a storybook. We leaned into that aesthetic, peeling away the layers of old modifications to reveal the original details. The entry and first floor had tudor details that we kept intact. We lit the space with beautiful fixtures, customizing pendants to be colorful and oversized. The product shelving fades into the background, allowing thoughtfully displayed merchandise to be front and center. The original stair railing was not to code for commercial use, so we fabricated custom painted panels that have shaped cut outs to create a fun moment that draws visitors upstairs. In the large room on the second floor we kept the original fire pole – while not currently operable between the floors it feels like an important part of the historic space. This enchanting retail space definitely feels more home than store, filled with wandering little kiddos that can explore all the nooks and crannies.

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